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How to become a Linux System Administrator

I wrote “How to become a Linux System Administrator” for Linux User & Developer issue 139

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Using the R Software for Log File Analysis

I wrote "Using the R Software for Log File Analysis" for the March 2014 issue of USENIX ;login magazine!

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10 things I love about UNIX System Administration

  1. Working from the command line.
  2. Working remotely using telnet and then ssh.
  3. The feeling of making things work.
  4. I still remember setting up sendmail. (mail server)
  5. Creating virtual web domains in Apache.
  6. Writing scripts that automate tasks.
  7. Creating scripts for web statistics (long before Google analytics).
  8. Securing a Linux server. (never being hacked)
  9. Being root is power!
  10. Sun Solaris (not using it any more).


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