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Wordpress (hacking) Login attempts

This time I will present the number of login attempts per username for my WordPress site www.highiso.net.

As I am using a WordPress plugin, I had to get the data from the MySQL database as follows:

mysql> select log_username, count(log_username) from wp_itsec_log where log_function="Invalid Login Attempt" group by log_username;
| log_username | count(log_username) |
| admin | 656 |
| JohnThomas | 1 |
| mtsou | 2 |
| tsoukalos | 386 |
4 rows in set (0.00 sec)

You can see two visualisations of the data that were created using R.

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Thank you WordPress!

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Drupal, WordPress or Joomla?

The first question that you should answer is “What am I trying to do?”. The answer will help you decide which CMS to use.

Although I start using Joomla! first, I do not like it any more so I cannot recommend it. This is my personal opinion, though, and yours may vary.

If you want to build a simple blogging site, then my advice is to go with WordPress. I think that WordPress has more stylish themes.

If you know PHP and have enough time to spend, then you may go with Drupal. It is the most powerful CMS but you need to spend some time with it.

Drupal is the only CMS that has a command line interface (drush) as far as I know: neither Joomla nor WordPress have a command line interface.
Remember that at the end of the day, your safer choice is the CMS that you are most comfortable with.

My Personal Favorite

Drupal. Drupal is a CMS for the more technical people and has more capabilities than the other two CMSs. If you are comfortable with PHP coding, it offers you great flexibility.

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